What foods to avoid after an abortion or miscarriage

Deciding to abort is difficult and going through an abortion is     more so. Be it miscarriage or abortion, they both take a lot of physical and mental strength out of you. Therefore there are foods that you must eat after an abortion which provide you with the necessary nutrient but also avoid foodstuffs that is not good for your body.

If both these components are balanced properly, you can have a healthy diet that is good for you especially after a miscarriage or abortion.

Here are few foods that you need to avoid after pregnancy termination or a miscarriage

Low-Fiber Starch food


Foods with carbohydrates provide your body with the fuel it needs to function properly and control your body’s sugar levels. However, refined grains or low fiber starch foods can have a hazardous impact on your body. They can also cause frequent fluctuations in the body’s sugar levels. Therefore it is necessary to limit the amount of low fiber starch in your daily diet. Therefore you must avoid the following food –

  • Noodles
  • Pretzels
  • Instant rice and
  • Eggs

Sugary foods

It is important to avoid sugary foods as they contain high glycemic index which can possibly cause fluctuation in blood sugar levels. Therefore if someone offers you sweets like this, you need to say no.

  • Candies and soft drinks

Junk Food


You may love Pizzas, burgers and other junk food and its okay when these food stuffs are eaten in moderation. However, after a miscarriage, it is necessary to avoid junk food as it will only fill you up with empty calories and stop you from eating food which nutrients you may actually need.

Fatty meats and dairy

After the pregnancy termination or miscarriage, it is important that you avoid inflammation which can cause you discomfort and pain. Fats in milk and various types of meats can cause inflammation. Therefore, it is necessary that you avoid such foodstuffs –

  • Lamb, Pork, Butter, Beef, Whole Milk and Cheese etc

Soy products


Soy is good for health generally; however it also contains high levels of phylate which prevents your body from getting iron nourishment. Therefore you should definitely limit the amount of soy products after a pregnancy loss or cancellation.

Apart from the food stuffs mentioned above, there are other foods stuffs that attract bacteria which should be avoided. As these foodstuffs are breeding grounds of different types of bacteria, they can cause infection. Some of these include –

  • Seafood, Raw meats, Soft cheeses, and unpasteurized dairy products

After a pregnancy termination or a miscarriage, it is hard for the mind and well as for the body. As a medical abortion and miscarriage results in a lot of bleeding, there are very essential nutrients that are lost from the body. Therefore it is necessary to eat foods that are iron and calcium rich plus lots of vegetables and fruits.

Food may be not on your mind when you have just went through such a difficult time, but it may help you recover speedily as there are specific types of nutrients that your body needs at these times.

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Deadly abortion methods woman used in ancient times


With fervent discussions and debates about abortion, we actually forget that this is a procedure that has a long history. Like the society now, historical communities from Egypt to Greek and Roman too discussed the rights and necessities for a woman to control her body. Evidence suggests that diverse ancient societies too performed abortions.

The difference between now and then? Modern women in most developed and developing societies can buy abortion pill online or otherwise and go through a procedure which is mostly safe and successful; a stark difference from the reality of women in history.

Historical texts

There is no particular method for abortion that is recorded in the official history. There are texts from the ancient Greek where scholars (all male) had long discussions about the procedure – suggesting it wasn’t uncommon back then. While Quran doesn’t mention the subject, but there are several debates going on which discuss Islam’s position in it.  Even so, there are several ancient medical texts that describe the deadly and dangerous methods of abortion that women endured in those times where safe abortion was not an option.

Today’s women have the option to end their pregnancy by Misoprostol and Mifepristone abortion pills and surgery. These options are also somewhat painful and not completely risk free, but the methods describe below only scratch the surface of the amount of risk women took for aborting.

Aborting with Pennyroyal tea

One of the most known and used method of aborting in history was by drinking a tea made with a herb called pennyroyal, otherwise known as mentha pulegium. This abortifacient is a classified as a mint, but is also known as successful abortive drug and deeply poisonous.  In fact, just five grams of this mint can be toxic. It’s been known for its mention in the play by Aristophanes. It was probably extremely effective, but its potent toxicity caused by a component called pulegone made this drug a deadly remedy.

Inserting Crocodile feces vaginally

The Kahun Papyrus, an ancient Egyptian creation is one of the earliest medical texts in the history. Even if it lays tattered now, modern interpreters think that it specified an abortifacient, namely crocodile dung. This dung was made into a pessary with dough and then inserted into the vagina. It was meant to operate as birth control and a drug to induce a miscarriage. Crocodile dung does have qualities of spemicide, but is estimated to be more effective as a birth control rather than abortifacient.

Jumping and kicking yourself from the backside

Hippocrates, the great Greek physician was opposed to abortion. Even so, he had recommended a technique in his text for abortion. This included jumping up and down while touching the buttocks with the heels of the foot with each leap. It was believed to shake the embryo loose and fall out. This method, Lacedaemonian leap (as it is now known) was proven to be false. Agitating the embryo through mild exercise is not enough to cause an abortion.

What are your options to end pregnancy?

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It is not easy to decide whether to keep or end a pregnancy. In many cases it is a life-changing decision therefore before taking that crucial decision, some time is necessary to think about what is best for you. If you are comfortable discussing such a private matter with a doctor or a therapist, that may make you realize your decision. There are family planning clinic all over the country that specialize counseling in such matters.

Pregnancy just doesn’t mean hosting a child for 9 months; it means giving birth and raising a child which completely changes your life emotionally and financially. Therefore a woman needs to know all her choices, i.e. Have the baby and raise it, give it up for adoption or have an abortion.

If you decide to have an abortion, there are several requirements that you will need to go through. But primarily what would be you options

Medical Abortion

Medicine induced abortion can only be done if the pregnancy has not been progressed further than 10 weeks, i.e 70 days. If the woman is progressed further than that, she may be recommended surgical or aspiration method of termination.

Before deciding to buy abortion pill, however she must go through a check up to ensure that she is eligible for medical abortion. That means, she must not be more than 10 weeks pregnant, not a case of ectopic pregnancy nor allergic to medication.

If she is clear on all that, she may proceed to take Mifepristone Online.

The medical abortion procedure

When first pregnancy cancellation tablet, Mifepristone is taken, there is no noticeable change in condition of the woman. She may even resume her day to day tasks after.

The second pill, Misoprostol, however causes uterine contractions and expels conception parts from the body. This causes heavy bleeding and cramping. Side effects also include vomiting, nausea and diarrhea etc.

Another option

Other option is surgical or aspiration procedure. In this case, women need to go through several tests to confirm their eligibility. A physical exam before the procedure includes taking vital signs, and checking blood pressure and heart rate.  Other tests include –

  • A pelvic exam to determine the size and shape of the uterus to estimate location of the pregnancy
  • Laboratory tests include urine check, a blood test, STD screening and an ultrasound.

The above tests show whether the woman is eligible for a surgical abortion.

What does surgical abortion include?

Surgical or aspiration procedure can be done from 6 to 16 weeks of gestation. Primarily, the woman in question will be given sedation for the pain. With her legs in the stirrups, a speculum will be inserted inside to open the vagina. The cervix will be then numbed before the suction tube is inserted as well. The doctor will then apply pressure and gently remove conception parts from the womb.

The procedure usually only lasts up to 10-15 minutes as most of the time is devoted in applying sedation. Your doctor will most likely provide antibiotics to help prevent infection.

Common questions about Abortion pills usage

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It has been more than two decade since first abortion pill was introduced and approved to the world. Since then various research and tests have been done on the pill to better its efficiency and usage.  The FDA just updated its protocol for Mifeprex to change its labeling, administering time period and REMS (Risk Evaluation and mitigation system).

Just as there are constant updates on its usage, the person using them also must be well informed before she decides to buy abortion pill. Here are some FDA guidelines that need to be adhered to consume Mifeprex –

  • Swallow a 200 mg tablet of Mifepristone. After taking the pill there might be a slight risk of light bleeding but this is a normal effect.
  • Wait for 24- 48 hours before you take Be careful not extend this time interval and for time being you may do things as you normally do like going to work or school. Avoid due activities that might require heavy lifting.
  • Take four tablets of Misoprostol of 200 mcg dosage. There are three types of methods of taking this dose – orally (under the tongue), buccally (between cheek and teeth) and vaginally.

 Taking pills within the vagina-

To do this, urinate first and wash your hands thoroughly. When you insert them, do not worry about putting them at a specific place, just push them in as higher as your finger reaches; after the process lie down for at least half an hour.

Taking pills orally

First swallow water and make your mouth moist. Then you either place the tablets under the tongue or place two tablets in each cheek pocket, this might make your mouth dry or taste weird until the tablets dissolve. Do not eat or drink anything while taking the drugs.  After half hour duration, rinse your mouth and drink the remains of the pills in your mouth.

The FDA guideline made a change in its requirement to take misoprostol and its brand variants like Cytotec buccally than orally.

After going through the process

Generally after taking Misoprostol, you will experience heavy bleeding, and cramps. Some of the side effects include vomiting, diarrhea, weakness and nausea etc. Therefore it is necessary to keep a thermometer, comfy blankets, pain killers, glucose tablets, Gatorade and lots of sanitary pads. You can drink and eat as normal. Many women feel better after 24 hours of side effects, if they don’t subside after a day you must contact a doctor.

Even you do feel these side effects, you must take a second trip to the clinic to confirm if the pregnancy cancellation pills were effective.

Where can you acquire them?

With websites selling over the counter and prescription medication, some online pharmacies have also started selling abortion pills for better access. Nowadays you can get abortion pills online with the benefit of discounts and home delivery.

There are even special packs containing both mifepristone and misoprostol called the MTP kit, as well as different brands like Mifeprex, Cytotec, RU 486, Korylm and Yasmin etc.

What happens during a medical abortion?


The decision to abort is difficult for most women. When life is throwing so many hurdles at you it can be difficult to know what exactly you should do. There may be opposition of family, peers and society that may lead you to think that abortion is harmful. So, here are some facts about taking abortion pills that you may not know.

What is medical abortion?

A medically induced pregnancy termination is a process where the woman takes medicines to stop an early pregnancy. To buy abortion pill, you need a prescription from a professional. These pills are, namely Mifepristone and Misoprostol. To take these pills, you must be within 10 weeks of pregnancy (i.e. 70 days after the first day of your last menstrual cycle). If you are further than that, aspiration or surgical procedure may be an option for you.

Whether you want to go through it, or are concerned for a friend or just want to know generally what process women go through to get them; here is a general regimen while going through pregnancy termination –

  • 1st Step – Your doctor/health care provider will give you Mifepristone on day one, possibly along with some antibiotics.
  • 2nd Step- After a mandatory gap of a day or two, you will be given Misoprostol. This will cause bleeding, nausea, stomach cramps for a few hours. After the pain subsides and you have passed the pregnancy parts (like heavy bleeding on your periods), the procedure is complete. You may buy abortion pills online or have it from the clinic.
  • 3rd Step – After few days, you may visit the clinic once more to find if the pregnancy termination procedure was successful.

What does it do?

  • When you consume Mifepristone it blocks the progesterone hormone which is necessary for the pregnancy to continue. With progesterone blocked from your system, the uterine lining cannot support the embryo and thus it breaks away from the conception parts.
  • Misoprostol is used to eject the pregnancy part from your body. For this, it induces contractions in the uterine and therefore the embryo is able to pass out of the body.

Together these two pills are called the MTP Kit, which has both of them at recommended dosage for sale.

Things to remember before going through pregnancy termination

It is common for a person to be nervous and confused before going through abortion. There are things however that you must be clear of before taking the abortion pills. Here are some general things you could do before –

  • Have a counseling session with a person who will give you the exact details as well as pros and cons of all subjects. A biased person may push you into things against your wishes.
  • Discuss your options with a professional
  • Submit your medical history and inform them of necessary health conditions
  • Take laboratory test for confirmation
  • Go through an ultrasound and some physical tests
  • Read thoroughly before signing any documents

How Women Achieved Abortion Pills Access Over the Years?

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Since pregnancy termination was certified for use, million of women got the treatment for their unwanted conceiving, and ended an early phase of pregnancy at home. The facility helped many females get away from the only-available-procedure of the time the surgical method, and switch to a more convenient and safer option of abortion pills regimen, which comprises of Mifepristone and Misoprostol drugs to remove products of conception without tools from the body in few days time.

Women began feeling that they had freedom of choice about pregnancy termination, as more branded products such as Mifeprex and Cytotec too came in the market. Heavy demand for the drugs that ends pregnancy caught up the healthcare realm, but unfortunately along came restrictions for the access of medications, which imposed restrictions about when and why a pregnancy termination can be limited, and reach to the medicines. Since then, females face prohibitions in certain countries for accessing the tablets.

Why Healthcare Reach is Unequal for Women?

However, protests from pro-choice communities eased such restrictions at many places, yet in some areas women found it difficult to buy abortion pill online over-the-counter or at a clinic until and unless they could produce a valid prescription or get consent from the jury, especially the later condition still holds true for teenagers in most of the countries.

For some getting the medications have been not a problem, as they can afford traveling elsewhere where pregnancy termination is legal, and set them free from an unwanted pregnancy. But, expenses of travel and huge stress due to restrictions on termination were not something every female found feasible, especially those belonging from poor background financially or rural areas.

In fact medication method of any type is inadequate in some nations due to which women have to face brunt of health problems on not getting help on time. With abortion pill telemedicine services in limited areas, females have been able to enjoy a greater control over her conception cycle, and how to handle the same.

Why Pregnancy Termination is needed?

There is a big debate on pregnancy termination. Some are for it while some against. However, a pregnancy being important moment in woman’s life must not be controlled by anyone else other than herself, and she must have all rights to buy abortion pill, if she decides she cannot continue to have the child for herself.

For few females adoption is also not a comfortable option, especially the ones with health disorders, where completing a pregnancy safely itself is a challenge, or the one who faced sexual abuse or domestic violence etc. problems, leading to unwillingness or emotional and physical discomfort to carry on to full-term or child birth.

We cannot assess why pregnancy ending services should or should not be allowed to women. Because judging a person is difficult when we are not in their shoes, termination of pregnancy itself is a difficult decision, and must be thus dealt with proper counseling and support from others. Females must be given education about birth control, and emergency contraception as well.

Safe-induced Abortion done at Home

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Most of the miscarriages are natural, but some of these are induced. By this we mean that the woman herself chooses to end pregnancy and either takes abortion pills to remove conception as early as less than 10 weeks into gestation or goes to a clinic to get her pregnancy terminated. The choice of the method must be strictly narrowed to recognized medications and no herbal remedies or surgical treatment from a certified clinic. Any technique followed other than mentioned could be harmful to the person. Widely, early pregnancies are ended at home with drugs as follows:

  • Mifepristone: Known as a generic drug, it is a main component in many of the drugs that induce miscarriage. It works as progesterone blocker, a primary medicine in the medical procedure that causes fetus to cease developing, and eventually be expelled.


  • Mifeprex: Branded version to the medication mentioned immediately above, it has been legal in more than 80 countries. Females can buy abortion pill and expect 95 to 98 percent times successful result. Recently, the FDA has lowered the amount of dosing required for this tablet from 600mg to 200mg.


  • Misoprostol: A prostaglandin E1 analogue medication, which has even other medical uses than only pregnancy termination. But at 800mcg dose, it can help end conception by causing its ousting. The drug causes uterine contractions, which assists in pushing out the fetal contents.


  • Cytotec: A patented version to the medicine mentioned formerly, thus treatment is assigned for women with unplanned pregnancy for a swift termination procedure. The person experiences heavy bleeding after taking 4 tablets of 200mcg each either buccally or vaginally.


  • MTP Kit: A pack of both progesterone blocker and prostaglandin medicines, it is a value treatment for females who face pregnancy they do not want. One can buy MTP Kit online and take the medicines in a gap of 24 to 48 hours as recommended.

Another method for pregnancy termination is surgical, yet it has many disadvantages when compared to the medical treatment. The latter has several advantages. The invasive technique carries risk of injury. If done correctly by a professional, the risks are not high but a back-alley process or one done at a clinic without proper certification could be dangerous. Moreover, the instrumentation has to go inside the uterus to collect the conception parts that means the cervix needs to be numbed and anesthesia is necessary, which are not required when abortion pill regimen is going on.

The medications also endow women privacy and comfort. When the female is ready for the procedure, she can just take the tablets as per indications and get the conception out of the body. However, a female should not take these medicines, if her pregnancy is over 12 weeks, she is allergic to the components, is suffering from cardiac/kidney/liver adrenal disorders, more than 35 years of age, a chain smoker, and has pelvic injuries etc. To know when the medicines will suit the best, the person must confirm health status with a vdoctor.


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How Does Media Influence the Abortion Perception?


It is not uncommon to find publications and movies reporting extreme reactions to pregnancy terminations. Sometimes you would find a woman shows devastated, emotionally wretched, even haunted for getting rid of the child, and other times you would see depiction of a female too happy and elated over her decision to end pregnancy, as if she was chucking out a rotten vegetable. But, is this how the reality is?

Media is known to exaggerate things in order to create sensation among masses. However, something as important as healthcare for women is not the right target. Here is how media has misconstrued the scenario of abortion since ages, which continues till date.

Stigma, Society, Public Opinion and a Lot More

Already access to medication and surgical pregnancy termination face restrictions, which hamper women requiring the same service. Over this, sometimes the media leaves no stones upturned to depict mostly the ‘traumatic’ experience linked to the procedure, and unfortunately all such movies and documentaries cover the back-alley procedure, and not the safe or clinical regimen. This further deters women from using MTP Kit pills or take doctors advice for her pregnancy.

It is not wrong to report the pitfalls, at the same time; one must never misinform audience but give information of positives as well. There have been movies that show the family or women who supported or got abortion done being haunted by the spirit of the lost child. There are hundreds of films that are based on this topic.

Some even include helpless miscarriage, which was instantaneous and not even induced. This goes to show that the idea of ‘terminating pregnancy’ due to any reason, even if that being threatening the female’s life, had been depicted as morally wrong and criminal, which amounts the person punishable by spirit haunting. How absurd can things get?

Absurd Portrayals of Abortion Today

Keeping the movies aside, look at journals, print media and online resources. Some of these tend to catch on the emotions than practicality of the situation to turn things in their favor. By this, it means both pro-life and pro-choice perspective. It is hard to find an unbiased review these days about anything as well as abortion. Where a woman today can buy MTP Kit Abortion Pills safely from a clinic or elsewhere, and get the regimen done in home.

There are portrayals of ghosts, crime, and murder etc. connotation to a simple medical process, which has legal status in most of the countries today. The skewed media coverage has ruined perception of abortion somewhat. Not that the procedure does not demand emotions, stress etc. but there is another side that’s left uncovered and unnoticed.

If the trend continues, more women will remain confused about their pregnancy, and will not know the real knowledge about options to conception. Doctors themselves should drop biased opinions and assist patients to understand how a safe pregnancy termination is done, and where help can be found. After all it is about women’s reproductive health, and personal opinions must not mar a complete access to necessary care.

How Pro-Life Campaigns Misinform People About Abortion?

Abortion Pro-Life

Internet is a wide space to get information, but how much of it is true? Which sources will give us the right answer? This concern is especially in terms of pregnancy termination. It is known that pro-life movement has taken over the web, and target people using the search engine to get details about ending pregnancy with abortion pill or surgery. Rather than giving accurate information, there are websites, which bear a ‘pro-choice’ type domain name, yet contain details that are against pregnancy termination, moreover riddled with content that has no scientific standing.

Deceitful Claims and Myths about Abortion

There is no unbiased or factual advice on such platforms. Anyone with serious concern over access to legal, safe pregnancy termination and pulled into pro-life views solely, which connect women’s health with side effects or outcomes, which really do not exist, and then people get scared, believing the words. Research has found that 95% of women, who have got pregnancy ended, did not regret the decision, while pro-lifers claim that most of the patients remain intensely said and regretful after the regimen, affecting their mental ability negatively.

Even in regions where access to pregnancy terminations are limited, women have gone to great lengths for obtaining the service, especially the ones traveling to different city or country all together to get the procedure done. And those who cannot afford to do so have turned to dangerous methods to induce miscarriage. The idea is to allow enough facility for reproductive care so that females can get the regimen easily without having to neither spend so much or take stress nor take dire steps to cause miscarriage.

False Details Propagated by Those against Abortion

Some campaign even took to school in form of counseling, where people were informed about how ending pregnancy could impair them or affects their life with little or no knowledge about how a safe pregnancy termination can be done, or where to buy abortion pill, and how a medical regimen can be handled with care. There is no knowledge given about choices to pregnancy or asking women about their concerns to the same. Here are some of the false ideas propagated by pro-life campaigns.

  • There is a clear connection between breast cancer and infertility after ending pregnancy.
  • Condoms do not give enough protection against HIV or STIs, and sexual activity in plenty is wrong.
  • Ending pregnancy is negative, panic reaction, and violent. Also women are prone to severe depression or other health problems.

It is true that some females may regret their decision for ending pregnancy. Every person is entitled to their own opinion. However, claiming something that may only be an affect for few is generalizing and ridiculing a safe and sound procedure. There is always counseling support given before and after the procedure to females who seek the same. In fact this is the general guideline to in-clinic regimens be it with abortions pills or surgery. There is no strong evidence to any claims to the given above, which are made by pro-life campaigners.