What needs to be done to get abortion pills

There remains a major part of the world where women are still unaware of medical abortion provisions. Hence, women do not understand how they should be buying the abortion pills. Here are a few factors you should consider while choosing the medical abortion method and purchasing the abortion pills.


Confirm your pregnancy and its gestation period:
Before you buy abortion pill, confirm your pregnancy through a home pregnancy test kit. Sometimes, women misunderstand the pregnancy-like symptoms for conception which may not be the case always. Also, once you confirm your pregnancy, make sure the gestation period is up to 8-10 weeks and not more than that.

Choose a suitable abortion pharmacy:
You may speak to your gynecologist who may suggest a local pharmacy store. There are a couple of genuine websites which offer online abortion pills. If you are planning to buy abortion pills online, make sure –

  1. The website is legit and transparent
  2. It offers FDA approved medications
  3. The service is decent enough to be trusted

Understand the process:
Women who look for abortion pills, do not take understand the process through and through and end up being unprepared. The precautions also need to be taken into

Which pill should you buy?
The abortion process involves a mediation combination of (1) a pill containing anti-progesterone elements (2) 4 pills containing prostaglandin elements.

This combination terminates the pregnancy within a week.

For the first type of medication, you may buy

  1. Mifepristone
  2. Mifeprex
  3. Generic RU486

For the second type of pill, you may consider buying –

  1. Misoprostol
  2. Cytolog

All the aforementioned medicines are equally efficient and both the types are effective enough to end an early unwanted pregnancy.

  • While buying online:
  • Submit your prescription online
  • Ask for a tracking ID so that you know when the pills are arriving

There are women who opt for the wrong methods to get an abortion done. Educating women about the medical abortion process has become essential. Medical abortion is a right choice to deal with an unwanted pregnancy since there are lesser risks and more benefits for women.


Can standing intercourse get you pregnant

If you are planning to have standing intercourse with an idea that it will reduce the chances of pregnancy or will not make pregnant, neither will it prevent pregnancy nor will it get avoided through any other way. The safest way to prevent an unwanted pregnancy is through
Ovral birth control pill or similar birth control measures which are easily available in the market or online.

Studies have reported a misapprehension rising in women that when you have intercourse while standing, the sperm does not remain in the vagina for longer, as a result, women cannot get pregnant through this position of intercourse. If truth to be told, a woman can get pregnant with the said intercourse position. Here’s what you need to know about the standing sexual activity and getting pregnant:

When a couple performs a sexual activity (even with the standing position) and the male sexual organ gets inserted in the vagina, the ejaculated semen may not remain there for a long time, although, the time is enough to let the sperm spread inside the vagina.

  • Sperms are able to swim against gravity. They quickly run towards the female egg once released by the male partner.   
  • Hence,  even if you are in a standing sexual position and perform sexual activity, the possibilities of sperm getting into the woman egg cannot be denied.
  • If you happen to ovulate at the time, there are high chances of fertilization, thereby leading to successful conception.

Even if the male partner pulls out the penile organ before he ejaculates, the female partner can still get pregnant since it’s possible for some sperm to escape into the vagina even prior to semen getting ejected.

There are women who reportedly had standing and unprotected sexual intercourse which ended up with conception. If the pregnancy is unwanted, there’s nothing to be worried about. An early pregnancy (If it is up to the gestation period of 8-10 weeks) can be terminated medical abortion.

The drug combination i.e. Mifepristone and Misoprostol are usually available at the local pharmacy stores. Or You can easily buy abortion pills at low cost from safe and secure online pharmacy. The abortion pills make hormonal changes in your body and terminate the unwanted pregnancy within a week or two.

Regardless of your sexual intercourse position, if you are indulging in a sexual activity which involves vaginal insertion of male penile organ, the chances of pregnancy are high, thankfully, you can get abortion pills online which help you end an early and unwanted pregnancy with complete privacy maintained.

It’s the general characteristic of sperms to swim up race towards the female egg. Hence, physicians always advise using protection if you do wish to prevent pregnancy. Unprotected sexual intercourse can always raise chances of pregnancy, whatever the position may be.

What is an ideal diet when you’re on the MTP kit?

girl eating apple pie dessert

While reading about the abortion pills online, studies suggest that maintaining your health is nothing but following a proper diet and good rest which help recover from the abortion faster.

MTP kit involves a combination of abortion pills (1) Mifepristone and (2) Misoprostol. Both the medicine contribute to terminating an unwanted pregnancy with gestation period up to 8 weeks. Though medical abortion is a process, many women still have doubts regarding the food intake during the procedure.

Follow the instructions given below to understand the right diet when you undergo a medical abortion using an MTP kit.



Pregnancy termination causes body weak requiring a good amount of protein-rich food. It helps you gain the strength while nutrients contribute to regaining the blood loss caused during the pregnancy termination process. Your protein-rich diet can include bananas, almonds, green leafy vegetables, baked beans, fish etc.

Easy-to-digest food:

Heavy or oily food while undergoing medical abortion adds to your stomach ache and physical pain. Diarrhea is one of the side effects of the non-invasive pregnancy termination process, a woman is advised to eat light and avoid oily junk or carbonated beverages may be harmful to your body during the period.

Vitamins and minerals:

Vitamin and mineral-rich diet which includes eggs, soybean, dates, fresh fruits veggies etc help you maintain a strong immune system. Since your body becomes vulnerable during the procedure, nutritional foods help you stay away from illness, thereby healing your body faster.

Low-fat foods:

As stated earlier, easy-to-digest food is always recommendable for women who took the MTP kit. Opting a low-fat diet helps you stay strong and healthy.

When you buy abortion pills online, the same website may give you information on the precautionary measures to be taken during the abortion process. This shall also include the ideal diet for women when they are on the pills. Selection of food determines the time your body will take to recover from an abortion. Women who have undergone the medical abortion while maintaining the proper diet have successfully terminated their pregnancy with less or no complications.


Does Abortion Affects Future Pregnancy?

future pregnancy

The feeling of motherhood is naturally the most special feeling for a woman. Having said that, the turn of events in every woman’s life end up with difficult decisions like the termination of pregnancy. Most of the women take such decisions at the beginning of their reproductive life as before they are ready, they get pregnant.

It threatens many of them for adverse effects of abortion on their body. On top of that, the main question in every woman’s mind arises, ‘would this abortion affect my subsequent pregnancy?’

Well, the answer is subjective and risks of abortion affecting succeeding pregnancy depend on the type of abortion performed.

As we already know the two types abortion, one, where you buy abortion pills and get done a medical abortion and two, where you go to the clinic and get a surgical abortion performed. To explain it further, we’ll see methods of abortion in detail.

Surgical abortion

A surgical abortion procedure contains removal of the fetus from the uterus through the vagina. Suction and sharp, spoon-shaped tools are usually used to perform abortion surgery. Women who undergo multiple surgical abortion procedures can have more risks of damage to the cervix. Women do not prefer having a surgical abortion as it can often be harmful to their body.

Effects of surgical abortion on succeeded pregnancy: 

  • Surgical abortion can affect the fertility of a woman in both, direct and indirect ways.
  • In case of direct effects, a surgical abortion can affect the uterine causing blemish or scarring.
  • Also, there are a few chances of pregnancies getting ectopic.
  • In certain cases, the fertilized egg implants itself outside of the uterine cavity.

Medical Abortion:

The non-surgical, i.e. medical method includes abortion performed using abortion pills like MTP Kit. Women in their early weeks of pregnancy can take this medication to abort the fetus.

This Kit is a combination of 2 medicines, with one pill of Mifepristone (200mg) and four pills of Misoprostol (200mcg each). These pills are FDA approved and have received approval in 2000.

How does it work?

Mifepristone hormone called anti-progesterone entails the fetus. The medication blocks the activity of progesterone hormones in the uterus, whereas, Misoprostol is a prostaglandin analogue, which expels out the pregnancy remnants out of the woman’s uterus, ultimately, terminating the pregnancy.

Effects of MTP kit on your succeeded pregnancy:

  • There are side effects of medical abortion which include diarrhea, nausea, feeling, faintness, acute abdominal pain, nervousness, full bleeding, pain in joints, however, these are all short-term effects that a woman faces and go away on their own.
  • Generally, elective abortion does not affect fertility or complications in later pregnancies

If we compare medication abortion with surgical one, women prefer having a medical abortion over surgical one as it does not have to undergo any surgery. Besides, a woman can easily buy MTP kit online. It does not create insecurity about their fertility or future pregnancy.

A study suggests medical abortion is safe and more effective, further, does not harm the fertility of a woman. Healthy pregnancies of women who have undergone medical abortion are more in numbers compared to women who have had a surgical abortion.

How long will it take for me to recover after Abortion?

How long will it take for me to recover after Abortion

Recovery after an uncomplicated pregnancy termination depends on person to person. In fact, some of the most prominent elements upon which the recovery time depends are the gestation age when the abortion happened. Most women will recover quickly within a few weeks, while it may take only a few days for others.

The Abortion Pill procedure leads two essential effects which are a given if you are taking medication for ending an early pregnancy.


During the medical pregnancy termination, you will experience bleeding and cramping. This is due to Misoprostol abortion pill action which is a uterotonic medication, thus it causes contractions in the uterus. These contractions cause the detached pregnancy parts [ due to Mifepristone action] to flow out through vaginal discharge.

You will pass blood clots and experience heavy bleeding during this few hours. At this time, you must expect to pass pregnancy tissues and blood clots that range from small marble sized to large lemon sized; this is a normal part of the abortive process. The abortion may take place within four to five hours while it may take longer for others. Many women complete their pregnancy termination procedure within one to two days.

Once the pregnancy has been passed successfully, your bleeding will lessen to resemble a somewhat heavier menstrual cycle. It may carry on to be heavy until for a day or two as the uterus needs to contract to return to its original size.

Pregnancy Test After Your Medical Abortion

Many women buy abortion pills for privacy concerns and therefore are reluctant to go have an ultrasound 2 weeks after the abortion. Even so, if you wish to keep your medical abortion a secret, it must be noted that legally, no women need to declare if she has taken Mifepristone and Misoprostol pills. As medical staff is often unclear about indicating a self-induction, it will be safer to say that you were pregnant and bleeding. By the time you seek medical attention, all traces of abortive medication will be eliminated, presenting a case of a natural pregnancy complication, like a miscarriage.

If you want to know the abortion result with a pregnancy test kit, then you must wait for four to five weeks before you have one. This is due to the pregnancy hormones that are still present in the body even after the pregnancy is interrupted. It takes about 4-5 weeks for the pregnancy hormones to be completely eliminated from the body, therefore it will take that much time for the home pregnancy test kit to show an accurate result.

When Can I Go Back To My Daily Routine After Abortion?

Going back to work after a pregnancy termination may also be entirely dependent upon how you feel after the procedure. While it is necessary to take two to three days off during the procedure, you may feel you need one or two more days to recover from the procedure as well.

You may eat healthily by eating iron-rich foods and lots of proteins so that you can replenish the lost blood.  If you are already anemic, make sure you take supplements prescribed by a healthcare professional.

Medical Abortion Access Restricted By Distance, Cost, And Knowledge

Medical Abortion Access Restricted By Distance, Cost, And Knowledge

A new study was found that only 35% of women in Australia eligible for medical abortion are choosing the process over surgery.

On paper costs, be a short of facts and requiring to return for a health check a fortnight afterward were factors, the scientist of some Universities believe hamper female’s choices when it comes to terminations.

Then combination of two drugs, mifepristone and misoprostol, is an option for women who are 8 weeks pregnant or less.

The nationwide study, printed in a journal of Public Health, surveyed a sample of 2326 females undergoing pregnancy terminations at 14 clinics in every state and territory. Overall 70% of females in the sample study had surgical termination of pregnancy. However of those eligible for both, a minority (35%) opted for the medical choice.

The report states medication termination of pregnancy was the preferred choice for females in France and England; however Australians were less familiar with process as RU486. Statistics disclose glaring differences between accesses for patients in many cities against those in remote areas or regional.

Of those surveyed 81.2% to have pregnancy terminations with abortion pills were living in major cities, 12.9% were from inner regional Australia and just 5.9% from outer or remote areas.

A report stated:

Public service provision is very restricted and poorly coordinated, and when available, limited to a few facilities located in many cities. Majority women rely on private offers that charge fee, and while abortive services holders can access a refund, they yet incur heavy-on-pockets costs. Unstable limitation in state and territory abortion legislation also hindered access.

For example in the Northern Territory the law allows terminations only within clinics, averting general practitioners from providing medical abortions within their community-based practices.  A medical abortion was $560, compared with $470 for a surgical abortion at less than 9 weeks. However costs were not restricted to process.

According 41% of females reported indirect costs related to travel and accommodation, general practitioner referrals and medical tests, lost wages and childcare. The cost for these additional expenses was $150.

The information highlights several obstacles to opt for females and identifies a need to boost the rate of female accessing services earlier in their pregnancy.  The research advices policy attention is put toward averting unwanted pregnancies and advocates for increasing abortive services taxes to diminish financial burden, especially for females beyond their first trimester.

Buying an Abortion Pills Online

buying an abortion pills online

A medical abortion requires two safe abortion pills– Mifepristone and Misoprostol pills. The Mifepristone being an anti-progestogen agent, prohibits the pregnancy helping hormone- progesterone. It also helps in widening and softening/ ripening of the cervix.

Meanwhile, Misoprostol, a prostaglandin analogue which has ecbolic properties and is used to induce contractions in the uterus. These contractions help with the ejection of pregnancy parts from the body.

How do you get them?

While many women access medicament for pregnancy termination through drugs stores or pharmacies, there are many others who buy MTP Kit online with credit card, whether due to lack of reproductive care centers in their area or any other reason.

MTP Kit is an abortion pill kit, which contains the prescribed dosage for pregnancy cancellation, i.e. 1 pill of Mifepristone [200 mg] and 4 pills of Misoprostol [800 mcg total].

Before you buy abortion pills make sure that you know you are within 10 weeks of gestation [ as medical pregnancy termination is only possible if the gestation is within 10 weeks].

Prior to buying abortion pills online

Before you buy online, make sure that the online pharmacy you choose is genuine and provides FDA approved medication. Therefore, make sure the medications are in their original packaging and are not tampered with.

Once you have decided to buy online, make sure to get all your queries answered by the website’s consultation team, so that you know the exact dosage, regimen and instructions you must follow. You can also avoid things that are included in pre-cautions and avoid contra-indications.

Abortion Pills Are Essential For Family Planning

Abortion Pills Are Essential For Family Planning

We were just into our marriage life, starting the new mode of livelihood. Though blank we had aspirations and were cruising towards the bonding in life. My husband and I shifted to our new base in his city as I had to leave my entire clan and change house. My day time passed with usual TV watching and roaming in the new city by evening with him. The bonding during such periods grew emotional and stronger. Love blossomed with equal space for quality intimacy between us. Like every couple we had our love making and physical intimacy last month where in joy and pleasure we forgot contraceptives only to realize the fact that I had got pregnant. The news was broken to me when I started showing signs of pregnancy 4 weeks post the act. We were unprepared for a family life as my husband had just got his job and we were just into the phase of settling down. We wanted just us to lead this life for a period of 2 years before we started parenthood. But the news gave me a terrible ache as we were fully unprepared.

I conveyed the news to my sister who assured to help me in this. She came home and took me to a nearby and certified medical clinic for abortion process. I was first bit apprehensive of the fact that there might be unwanted surgeries and issues but my tension came to the halt when I got to know that abortion of pregnancy prior to 7-9 weeks requires simple medical abortion process which can be done by one self by taking guidance from the medical experts.

I was provided MTP Kit with total of 5 tablets containing 1 Mifepristone tablet of 200mg and 4 Misoprostol tablets containing 200mcg each. The first tablet was for elimination of the growing embryo while the rest were to assure that the pregnancy has been successfully aborted. There was no pressure or tension involved during the medication and with oral consumption, the medical abortion process was made even more easy and private.

Today we enjoy our personal time enjoying with each other. Thanks to Abortion Pills, it gave back our freedom.

Conclude an early pregnancy with Abortion Pills

Conclude an early pregnancy with Abortion Pills

Abortion process is the process which involves termination of the pregnancy and to the knowledge the pregnancy should be an unwanted case in women. What causes such issues are young age and small mistakes during intimate moments between each other. Romance and Finance are quite opposite in nature if you really go crazy during intimate sessions without proper contraceptives or even without contraceptives either, then it can transform into a daredevil stunt in total.

Majority of the users of Abortion Pills are newly married couples and yet to marry or one night stand guys who’s night must have really been on the rocks before having their heavenly bonding with each other.

Abortion Pills are provided to the individual who wishes to terminate an early pregnancy (9 weeks) which must also prove to be an unwanted one. Abortion Pills helps in relieving one of the burdens from unwanted pregnancy by eliminating the pregnancy. The advantages involve one to simply use the product at one’s residence and cut the moment of societal embarrassment. True to the knowledge, Abortion Pills are the best early pregnancy and unwanted one. People who find it difficult to approach such medicinal uses can simply check with the online pharmacy drug stores which can provide the best product at affordable prices and quality.

Women Are Seeking Abortion Pill Online At Home

Safe Abortion pill online at homeMillions of women worldwide seek abortive medication and services, despite having restrictive laws that make access difficult for them. One of the biggest international abortive services has also started a project so that women from anywhere can buy abortion pills online and have the pregnancy terminated at home. Just as this, many websites run by women’s rights groups make sure that appropriate medication is reached to those who need them. This is done by careful evaluation by a doctor to determine if there is a legit need for the drugs.

What does it involve?

After the consultation, generally a package of Mifepristone and Misoprostol are shipped to her home. Along with the medications, there are instructions – guide book accompanying on how to correctly and safely use these drugs, what to expect during and after the procedure and when to seek medical assistance if needed. In many of these websites, there are helplines given in case of any additional queries.

The use of Mifepristone and Misoprostol is typically safe and has a record success rate of 96%-97%. In fact, many women who do not want to opt for a surgical procedure, choose to end the pregnancy early with the abortion pill pack. Further research supports the claims that early pregnancy can be safely terminated at home as long as the patient read and follow the instructions carefully and have an access to an emergency care (in a rare case if there is a complication).

What should you do?

If you order abortion pills online, it is assumed that you already have taken the pregnancy test. Therefore, the responsibility of taking pre-cautions and confirming the pregnancy is upon the patient

Therefore, to have a medical termination of pregnancy at home, you should –

  • Confirm that your pregnancy is within 10 weeks of gestation (70 days)
  • You have no disease regarding- heart/liver/kidney, blood pressure etc.
  • You do not have an IUD in place
  • You are not allergic to mifepristone and misoprostol
  • No one is forcing you to terminate

Some critics may have slammed such websites; however, many have come in support to provide women with necessary tools to get out of a difficult predicament. In many countries, the custom regulations even allow such medications to be sent as long they are in small quantities.

Even the World Health Organization has acknowledged Mifepristone medication as essential drug for women’s health. Therefore, many medical experts have even condemned governments that have restrictive laws on access to abortive services. Many studies have even confirmed that denying access to abortion increases anxiety problems in women.

So the bottom line?

Realistically, it is proven that medically done pregnancy cancellation is one of the safest procedure. The projects and campaigns done by women’s rights and pro-choice groups are carried so that the millions of women who would have turned to back-alley clinics are saved by abortive medications. It is being surveyed that out of 42 million women worldwide who choose to abort, 20 million do not have a safe access. Therefore, online services like this help so that these women have safer way of solution.