Abortion Pills Are Essential For Family Planning

Abortion Pills Are Essential For Family Planning

We were just into our marriage life, starting the new mode of livelihood. Though blank we had aspirations and were cruising towards the bonding in life. My husband and I shifted to our new base in his city as I had to leave my entire clan and change house. My day time passed with usual TV watching and roaming in the new city by evening with him. The bonding during such periods grew emotional and stronger. Love blossomed with equal space for quality intimacy between us. Like every couple we had our love making and physical intimacy last month where in joy and pleasure we forgot contraceptives only to realize the fact that I had got pregnant. The news was broken to me when I started showing signs of pregnancy 4 weeks post the act. We were unprepared for a family life as my husband had just got his job and we were just into the phase of settling down. We wanted just us to lead this life for a period of 2 years before we started parenthood. But the news gave me a terrible ache as we were fully unprepared.

I conveyed the news to my sister who assured to help me in this. She came home and took me to a nearby and certified medical clinic for abortion process. I was first bit apprehensive of the fact that there might be unwanted surgeries and issues but my tension came to the halt when I got to know that abortion of pregnancy prior to 7-9 weeks requires simple medical abortion process which can be done by one self by taking guidance from the medical experts.

I was provided MTP Kit with total of 5 tablets containing 1 Mifepristone tablet of 200mg and 4 Misoprostol tablets containing 200mcg each. The first tablet was for elimination of the growing embryo while the rest were to assure that the pregnancy has been successfully aborted. There was no pressure or tension involved during the medication and with oral consumption, the medical abortion process was made even more easy and private.

Today we enjoy our personal time enjoying with each other. Thanks to Abortion Pills, it gave back our freedom.


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