Women Are Seeking Abortion Pill Online At Home

Safe Abortion pill online at homeMillions of women worldwide seek abortive medication and services, despite having restrictive laws that make access difficult for them. One of the biggest international abortive services has also started a project so that women from anywhere can buy abortion pills online and have the pregnancy terminated at home. Just as this, many websites run by women’s rights groups make sure that appropriate medication is reached to those who need them. This is done by careful evaluation by a doctor to determine if there is a legit need for the drugs.

What does it involve?

After the consultation, generally a package of Mifepristone and Misoprostol are shipped to her home. Along with the medications, there are instructions – guide book accompanying on how to correctly and safely use these drugs, what to expect during and after the procedure and when to seek medical assistance if needed. In many of these websites, there are helplines given in case of any additional queries.

The use of Mifepristone and Misoprostol is typically safe and has a record success rate of 96%-97%. In fact, many women who do not want to opt for a surgical procedure, choose to end the pregnancy early with the abortion pill pack. Further research supports the claims that early pregnancy can be safely terminated at home as long as the patient read and follow the instructions carefully and have an access to an emergency care (in a rare case if there is a complication).

What should you do?

If you order abortion pills online, it is assumed that you already have taken the pregnancy test. Therefore, the responsibility of taking pre-cautions and confirming the pregnancy is upon the patient

Therefore, to have a medical termination of pregnancy at home, you should –

  • Confirm that your pregnancy is within 10 weeks of gestation (70 days)
  • You have no disease regarding- heart/liver/kidney, blood pressure etc.
  • You do not have an IUD in place
  • You are not allergic to mifepristone and misoprostol
  • No one is forcing you to terminate

Some critics may have slammed such websites; however, many have come in support to provide women with necessary tools to get out of a difficult predicament. In many countries, the custom regulations even allow such medications to be sent as long they are in small quantities.

Even the World Health Organization has acknowledged Mifepristone medication as essential drug for women’s health. Therefore, many medical experts have even condemned governments that have restrictive laws on access to abortive services. Many studies have even confirmed that denying access to abortion increases anxiety problems in women.

So the bottom line?

Realistically, it is proven that medically done pregnancy cancellation is one of the safest procedure. The projects and campaigns done by women’s rights and pro-choice groups are carried so that the millions of women who would have turned to back-alley clinics are saved by abortive medications. It is being surveyed that out of 42 million women worldwide who choose to abort, 20 million do not have a safe access. Therefore, online services like this help so that these women have safer way of solution.


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